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Scoopin’ Poop For A Cause

22 Jul

Scoopin’ Poop For a Cause

I’ve never been more excited to scoop poop in my life!  WOOO HOOOO!

This week marks the beginning of a dream I have envisioned for many years.

BOSS HOGG TOUR begins!  I visit my first animal sanctuary!  I get to hug the cows, scratch the piggie’s bellies and meet the wonderful rescued animals at Farm Sanctuary.  As a volunteer, I’m told they need help cleaning the barns (translation = scoopin’ poop!).  I’m excited to participate in their Twilight Tour on Saturday, 7/30 where I will get a chance to be with the animals during nighttime. (I hope I get to tuck a pig in his blanket!)


Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of this journey with me.  I feel grateful to my vegetarian/vegan and meat-eating friends who are continuing to support me, look with me, open our hearts together… and who support compassion for all living beings.  I also want to send a shout-out to my BFF who made a more compassionate choice this week by choosing cage-free eggs.  I honor and celebrate even the smallest step towards a kinder world.  Love you, Suzi!

And I thank YOU for whatever way you shared love and kindness on the planet today.

Wanna Help?

  • Sponsor Me – send me a donation via paypal using my personal email address – this will cover the cost of gas/lodging and other misc. expenses to bring these stories to you
  • Sponsor me for the Walk For Farm Animals – it’s for a good cause and Boss Hogg will be sending love from piggie heaven for your support.

Love and Kindness,


Do Pig Farmers Have Feelings Too?

19 Jul
JEB, the pig farmer/hunter

Meet JEB, a Republican right-wing pig farmer and hunter.

This weekend I participated in Living The Change Workshop offered through Challenge Day.  The intention is to examine self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from being our most magnificent selves and to create new ways to living life 100% fully alive.

Trust The Process

In one of the exercises, we are invited to come dressed like someone we judge.  The intention for this is to step outside of our comfort zones to really walk in another’s shoes and experience life as that person.  Then we get to share what we learn.

Last year this totally freaked me out!  I crossed my arms and said, “No. I’m not going to do anything I don’t want to do.”  So last year I came as the girl that says “No!”  That was very powerful and was exactly what I needed last year.

Trusting… letting go… and diving in deep!  This year I came dressed as a Republican right-wing pig farmer and hunter named, JEB.

I stood and shared who I am as JEB.  I shared my life, my experience, what I did every day – and what it was like being me. (I will share if asked but it’s pretty graphic – you get the hint)  After the JEB monologue I began sharing as me – Jenna.  If you really knew me, I grew up with a little piglet named Boss Hogg that was being raised for bacon and pork chops.  One day when he got out, he was beat over the head with a baseball bat until he died.

Freedom From Fear

I was so afraid to experience JEB.  What happens if I fully embrace a Republican right-wing pig farmer and hunter?  Would I give in to the idea that factory farming is okay and that animals “don’t have feelings.” What if I empathized with JEB and then lose my own voice. Would we fight?  Would we argue?  What would happen? … FEAR!

Instead what I experienced was a profound sense of freedom.  Because I have a sense of JEB now, I actually experienced a level of empathy.  JEB fears me.  JEB fears his own experience and emotions, life in the unknown and anything away from what he already knows. He wants to provide for his family and do it right.

Even though JEB is actually a fictional, made-up character – based on facts – I got to know him and sense his humanity, which gave me freedom and empathy.

As Animal Ambassadors on this planet dedicated to kindness, compassion and love – who are we to teach about these qualities if we cannot embrace them for all living beings, including JEB, the Republican right-wing pig farmer/hunter.

Love and Kindness,

“That’s so boss hogg!”

5 Jul

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, a heart of grace and a soul generated by love.”   ~ Coretta Scott King (a vegan)

What ignites your heart and soul?  We’re all about the cows… and pigs… and sheep… oh my!  And all the farm animals whose lives we believe are sacred.

OUR VISION: a world where all beings are safe, loved and celebrated. The purpose of the BOSS HOGG PROJECT is to increase reverance for all farm animals through: 

We’ll keep doing what we do until the cows come home – or until pigs fly!

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