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I’m a giggly, soulful, California native just wanting to share my passion for animals.  Growing up, my parents and my grandparents all raised animals, fruits and vegetables.  I felt totally powerless and heartbroken when I was forced to participate in the killing of the animals, especially when my childhood pig, Boss Hogg, was sent to slaughter.

At 18, I went vegetarian and never looked back.  I also tried raw food for 3 months last year.  I now strive for a vegan lifestyle ~ though not perfect yet. ❤

(photo courtesy of In Her Image Photography)

Why Farm Animals ~ Cuz they’re awesome!

I love cows and just want to hug them.  Pigs make me laugh.  Animals of all kinds, like Toby, leave me humbled by their ability to empathize and forgive.

In a recent conversation with someone, I was shocked and surprised they didn’t know that cows must be pregnant to produce milk.  (This is true for all mammals).  Baby cows are immediately separated from the mama so they cannot drink the mama’s milk that is produced for humans.  I felt sad that this person didn’t know and angry at the agri-business marketing machine which is invested in hiding the real truth behind meat and dairy production.  I knew I had to “be the change we wish to see in the world” and do my part to be the voice of the voiceless, but I was like, “What the heck do I do about it that feels right for me?!”

My leap list includes hugging a cow and petting a pig.  And so the Boss Hogg Project begins and continue to evolve!

Love and gratitude,



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