Meet Toby!

(aka Snafalupugus, Mister, Little Mister, Chocolate Donut, Mr. Lovies, Buddy, Grey Face…)

As a puppy, Toby was yelled at often and they scolded him when he was learning to go potty.  He became timid and shy and they didn’t want him anymore so they got rid of him.

Lucky for me, I adopted Toby from Humane Society Silicon Valley in August 2002.  The first time I saw him at HSSV, he ran up to me so fast that his legs skid out behind him. I started laughing and thought this is my dog!

Today, Toby is a playful, spirited 10 year old doggie full of love, empathy and humor (and still a little shy but we love him just the way he is!)

Toby rescued me

Toby has never been a lapdog but he is extremely gentle and empathetic.  A few months after adopting him, I was crying after a really hard breakup.  He came over and sat beside me very close, and then offered me his ‘heart’ by placing his little heart squeeky toy on my lap.  That was the first toy I ever game him!

He’s now 10+ years old, a little slower, but as loving, compassionate and gentle as always.  He has taught me countless lessons in forgiveness, love, patience, kindness and boundaries.  I just love this little guy so much.  He’s my buddy!



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