About Boss Hogg

That’s A Weird Name

Yes it is a weird name.  Yes, Boss Hogg was a character in Dukes of Hazzard.

Boss Hogg was also the name of my childhood pig.  But unlike the greedy and unethical character in Dukes of Hazzard, my pig was curious and playful.

Boss Hogg was killed for bacon and pork chops and is the reason I became a vegetarian.

Boss Hogg’s Story

Our family raised Boss Hogg from a little piglet – cute little white and pink guy – into a large pig for slaughter.  I ‘knew’ this was the situation but my little childhood brain did not understand exactly what that meant.  Just before he was sent to slaughter, he dug underneath the fence and got free.  I ran to my dad and yelled, “Dad, Boss Hogg got out!”

Fearing for our lives and trying to protect us, my father ran after Boss Hogg with a bat.  As he swung the bat over Boss Hogg’s head – the bat broke!  And Boss Hogg screamed and squeeled in pain as he fell to the dirt.  I felt horrified and paralyzed and anything after that moment is a blur.  I am even shaking writing about it here.   Today, on a daily basis, I continue to feel outraged at the current abuse going on in factory farms, including the latest undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals about pig abuse at an Iowa factory farm.

In honor of Boss Hogg, the BOSS HOGG PROJECT is my way of powerfully and compassionately standing up for the animals who are voiceless.

May you rest in peace, beautiful Boss Hogg.



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